Final Exam

Orions belt or The Horse Head Nebula

Dear Chairman of the Intergalactic Board of Education,

Recently I have received a letter from your Department to write a letter on my impressions on the class I took this past semester, in the Temple University located near the Horse Head Nebula in the Orion Constellation. This class being CIS0835, so as to aid in your tracking of school class feedback. I would like to start out by stating I rather enjoyed the class, it was interesting to try out all these new social websites they have added to the Interglactic Web or IGW. It was fun to make these posts and everything.

I do though have to say that the amount of time spent for the class on these websites was not intuitive to my learning. As much fun as I had in the class, by the end of the semester I feel I did not overly learn much of anything. If I were to take this course again, I would like to see less emphasis on blogging and twittering and more on learning about the history and future of this magnificent tool that is afforded to us. With more emphasis on learning more things then having to keep track of 6 accounts that I rarely use.

As previously stated I would like a learning structure more on learning about this great virtual universe of ours and how it impacts our intergalactic civilization. Maybe there was some learning behind the blogging and twittering, but I did not notice it and feel that I was forced to do something that should be more of a leisure activity. Due to all these accounts and not concentrating on learning something in the class, I would get distracted by the vast amount of other options on this virtual apparatus.

Again I really enjoyed the class and the teacher Mr. Lockman, but I would of enjoyed it more if their was more learning going on then tracking blogs and twitter feeds.

Thank you for taking your time out of your rather busy work time in this huge Intergalactic Education system you are trying to run to read my opinions and hope that maybe some of it will be applied to future generations that participate in this class.

Very Respectfully,



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