Spring Semester has come to an end.

Another semester has come and gone. It is been a very slow and stressful semester for me. I have learned a lot this semester though in all my classes. Such as my limits and what I can accomplish in 1 semester effectiently. I have also learned much from all my classes. I have increased my ability to understand and write Japanese. I have learned much about the internet and how the technology was created and about the founders. I also, I have to admit reenforced my dislike of blogging and twittering, (lol). I also learned much about the global economy in my MacroEconomics class. The final class I took this semester did not teach me much, but got me to learn things about topics I would not see or research on my own to write analytical papers about the topics. I was highly challenged more than I thought I was going to this semester, and it was a great learning experience. I did enjoy all my classes but the sheer amount of things I need to keep track of was a bit much for me on a daily basis that things sometimes fell through the cracks. I thank you for the experience and the class. It was great to get to know those of you I did get to talk to during class, I hope your semester went well for you.


4 thoughts on “Spring Semester has come to an end.

  1. I’m curious, could you elaborate on why you don’t like blogging?

    Is it the writing part, the sharing your life and thoughts part, or working with a blogging platform? Or “other”?


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