Nintendo 3DS and motion gaming

I am going to tackle the ds106 assignment New Emerging Technology Writing Assignment this time because it is a topic I am highly interested in its future on. Over the past few years there has been a rise in making games and game systems more appealing to a wider audience. First in started years ago with Handheld gaming, because well not everyone had the television or the technology for the core systems. To open it up to those people they made smaller and portable gaming electronics. Recently Nintendo released the Nintendo 3DS which is just a Nintendo DS (which in turn is a touch screen Game Boy) with the added technology of a 3D screen it has made it more immersive for the player to get into the game and experience games from the past in a new portable 3D fashion. On top of the pretty impressive 3D camera and screen of the game, the system came with a gyroscope which allowed the player to take actions by being able to move the system in a full spherical manner all the x, y, and z plane angles. It is an impressive addition which makes for example the aiming of a bow and arrow in the Zelda: Ocarina of Time very entertaining for me, as I love archery in real life, no more trying to get a joystick just right to aim and shoot I can just move the system to where I want to aim and it does so. Sony also just came out with their newest system Sony Vita which has a front and back touch screen adding more “contact” with the environment of the game. Having not experienced much with the Vita system and the lack of options available at the moment I have not tried it myself to give a full analysis at this time.

Now even the core systems of the Wii, X360 and Playstation 3 has followed this new trend of immersion gaming. The Wii started the trend with its wiimote and nunchuck and motion sensor addition, they allowed the character to get off their bum and actually move around while playing. The Wii didn’t exactly take off with this new idea, because gamers for the most part are inheriently lazy and just want to get home after a day of work or school and just sit on their bum and mash buttons. Then a bit later Xbox and Playstation got their own motion sensing gaming apparatuses because finally people were having fun at parties or with family with these interactive gaming. The Xbox did the best in innovation with this idea of immersion then Sony or Nintendo could due but as most technology is it has it’s faults. The Xbox immersion device is called the Kinect, and you the player actually become the controller, a motion sensor camera will get calibrated to your body frame on first use, then all times after that as long as it is a Kinect game you are the controller and all movements you do your character on screen follow suit. This type of device is really good for dancing games as it makes it interactive and though it is highly accurate… sometimes you might find your knee on the screen is twisting in an unnatural way. The Playstation Move is very much a ripoff of the Wii controllers, but it being Sony and having a greater pool of technicians it is more accurate then the Wiimote which after its initial flop Nintendo added an additional gyroscope for added accuracy for the wiimotes.

The reason I went with this topic is because I am highly interested in seeing the future of this technology, maybe in a few more years we will have real fully immersive gaming systems with true virtual reality connection where we can actually look around the game enviroment as if we were actually in it.


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