Diablo 3 and Counter-Strike

It has been about a decade since I have played Diablo 2 or Counter-Strike. They are probably my most enjoyable games from the years of 1998-2003. Having joined the Navy in 2004, I found less time to play these games, I also found myself absorbed in the addictive world of MMORPG’s with FFXI and off and on WoW. Luckily this year is going to be a revisiting of those fun years of competition and dungeon crawling for demons. The reason for this is Diablo 3, after being in “development” for 10+ years since Diablo 2 was released, is finally seeing a release date next month with a new engine and a story 20 or so years after the death of Diablo in the last game. I am interested to see where they go with the story in this installment since in the last one Diablo and his brothers were dead forever or so the story goes. I have long awaited this game and will soon be able to play it with fervor.

Counter-Strike was my first and still only number 1 FPS I have played, because the competion is actually based off skill then a rank up system seen now a days in FPS’s making longer players more “skilled”( better equipped) then new players. In Counter-Strike everyone is held at the same level and access, with the only upper hand is players that have been in the round longer, therefore having a bigger wallet to buy the better items. The good thing is on the next round everyone starts out on equal footing again. Though not given a release date yet, it is closer than Half-Life “3” is with still no news on that game, it has been announced by Valve that Counter-Strike: Global Offensive will be released in 2012 providing me with end of year enjoyment of the new map/playstyle. They added a new playstyle taken from the player modding community of competition based on weapons, as a players kills people they “move up” in the gun chain, eventually leading to the player only using a Knife. The most advanced players favorite weapon, and who ever makes it to the knife weapon first and makes a kill with it wins the round, making it a race to win as well as making harder to kill your opponents. It is an interesting playstyle and I look forward to trying it out and increasing my skill so I can once again get into a clan and their server start out at rank 450 and with in a week make it into the top 10 players on the server. I was at one point “lucky”/skilled enough to do multiple rounds of “suicide” runs into the enemies territory and come out of the round as the soul survivor with 1 out of 100 hp left. My most memorable kill from old CS was playing Office (my favorite map) and jumping up to look into a window and getting double headshots in the 1 second I had my head up in veiw. I miss those days and I know when I go into this new installment I have a lot of rust to knock off. I hope to maybe see some of my classmates on these games and team up to wreck havoc.


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