China and taboo censorship

World of Warcraft the highest selling MMORPG in the world, with over 10.000,000 players worldwide, was introduced by the Chinese government some years ago. There was of course roadblocks and modifications for all the changes and implementations within the game. China’s government has a huge taboo about the dead and bones, and for fear of little kids being scared by these images in the cartoony graphics of WoW. The government of China only allowed the introduction to the country after they did a long series of taboo checking beta tests. Oh there was bones? We do not like that please modify it with bags of sand on dirt. There is a race of undead? We can not allow that to be true it is too scary, so please make them anorexic human beings with glowing eyes. There is blood as well? Please change that to a black oily sludge please, red liquids are too scary. 

I make these sarcastic statements, even though the actions are true behind them within China. I find it a bit to overbearing for a country to do this. The game sells though and people enjoy playing the game. 


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