There is a ghost invading my photo!

In this photo I took back in 2005, it was always interesting to me. As you can see there is no lights behind my person but if you look to the left of my head there is a lightish orb as well as a slightly lighter frame of shoulders standing to my left. I took this photo while at my US Navy school in the swamp lands outside of Charleston, South Carolina. When I noticed this by brightining the image it was rather intriguing to me to investigate the photo and show my friends to see what they would say. So when I saw the topic in Visual Assignments, “IS THAT A GHOST?!…” I decided this picture would fit well. Hope you all enjoy and can see what I see.

If needed I can upload a brightened photo later.


One thought on “There is a ghost invading my photo!

  1. If you want to upload the image you can. What would be better would be a link to the original assignment and some evidence that you’ve put some sort of creative and imaginative effort into completing the assignment. Yes, those would be nice to add later if you wish.

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