Iconic Me

This is a symbol for me for years, and as Iconic Me assigned me to do I have uploaded an image of it. The KST on the points of the cross mean to me the three core values of my life, Knowledge, Strength and Truth. The Scythe is for my number of seven and luck as well as Strength. The cloth has many meanings the waviness of at the bottom of the hanging cloth symbolizes wings and lightheartedness. The other meaning is the left side if for knowledge and the right side is for truth, the cloth is suppose to be 2 toned blue for Knowledge and green for truth. The strong meaning of Knowledge, Strength and Truth is, Have the knowledge to know what you are doing, or of a situation. Strength to fulfill and stand up to what you are doing and to life. Finally Truth is to know what is really occuring and the truth of the matters you are working in and behind your actions.


One thought on “Iconic Me

  1. This is a nicely written explanation of these symbols you’ve chosen for your Iconic Me assignment. Curious to know the origin of the image in your post. Did you create it? If so how and with not. If not, where did you get it?

    Also a link back to the original assignment is not just a good idea, it is a requirement.

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