The Wayfarer Redemption Series: The way it would of been if Caelum was not a deceitful son

To start out this ds106 assignment, I recommend anyone that likes epic fantasy novels or historical fantasy novels and haven’t read her books yet, should go read the late Sara Douglass books. They are very very good stories and really get you to love or hate her characters with the emotion she writes her books. She died Sept 2011 from ovarian cancer, just after her last book came out which I just read, and it’s almost reading a self written obituary, even if it isn’t about her life, it is a story told from a woman dieing, the book is The Devil’s Diadem. Now before I get into the assignment, be warned of some spoilers XD!!!

What if Caelum was not a deceitful son:

Being born first to Axis and Azhure, Caelum was named the Starson and gave the reigns of power due to the families love for him. When the third child Dragonstar was born it was found out that Dragonstar was more powerful to Caelum. Caelum acknowledging this superiority from his younger brother gave up his title as StarSon and let Dragonstar become the ruler and leader of the world after Axis and Azhure went to join the gods in their wanderings and search for knowledge. Axis grows up to love DragonStar and gives him the proper care he wishes he had. Due to this RiverStar, DragonStar’s twin sister, remains alive and keeps having a secert relationship with Caelum. When the Timekeeper Demon’s travel and begin ravaging the world around DragonStar. Due to the destruction of the Star Dance by the Timekeeper Demon’s all the god’s and enchanter’s even DragonStar, the most powerful Enchanter, lose their power and are lost without it and do not know how to combat this new threat. DragonStar not being prepared and having his companion’s to fight the demon’s due to not having the path of the detested traitor son. The Timekeeper’s destroy the world as they had done to previous worlds, and the other world protectors would have to train doubly hard DragonStar to fight the demon’s but it is to late for him to learn these lesson’s and the world is destroyed around them and the demons continue ravaging the world as all the inhabitant’s are turned into mindless warrior’s for the Demon’s, allowing them to resurrect their leader, and destroy the Star Dance from all being due to the demon’s utter hatred of the Star Dance. This lead’s to God not be reborn at the end to save all those not ravaged by the demon’s.



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