Internet Addiction Infographic: the age bracket.

As shown above internet is more used among the younger generations as internet was introduced in their lives and generational internet, while the adults started with just dial-up and limited things to do and having a none internet based younger life they do not spend nearly as much time on the internet. Unlike the teenage generation where they grow up on the internet and doing almost everything through the internet, therefore having a greater showing.

China has a greater showing of internet user’s than Denmark, though the reasoning behind it is not exactly clear, but from internet experience more Chinese escape the hardships of their life by getting on the internet and playing MMORPG’s that the government limits internet usage to it’s citizen’s during a day.

The final point shows a drastic rise in the amount of time spend daily on social networking sites. This is due to the rise of many more social networking webpages and the interconnection of them, as well as the rise of smartphones and iPhone app’s allowing connection anytime anywhere being easily available to consumers. For me I am always on Facebook, not because I am sitting there in front of my computer just stalking facebook, it is because of my browser being a “Facebook browser” I am always signed in, as well as on my phone. The other reason I believe for the rise in time spent is on the games added to social networking sites so that “friends can trade virtual sheep” to one another, (thank you The Big Bang Theory for that) Another reason why most time is rising is increasing is the sites are also becoming a hub to plan event’s over the internet among friends and co-worker’s. The internet has been growing more expansive for the past decade to¬†accommodate easier communication in a highly digital age of human history.


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