The inverted twisting room -TDC29


This was for TDC29 assignment, was very disorientating before the flipping of the image now I am even more twisted about thinking about it! This was taken at Edo Wonderland, in one of the buildings, can’t remember the name but it was a lot of fun!


6 thoughts on “The inverted twisting room -TDC29

  1. That is a really, really, reeeeaaaally neat pic!

    I think that’d be hard to understand even if it weren’t upside down! I know where I want to go on vacation now…

  2. Aaaaaand now I want to go. I’ve never been, but it looks really cool (even when right-side-up!) so now I’m going to have to deeply consider wandering over. Thanks!

  3. this photo is also stunning! I almost wish the photo were at a dutch angle, so that the stairs would start at my feet but I like how you have it too. I am still not sure what is going on, but I see a staircase, the ocean and a door, maybe lanterns on the walls, but I don’t want to look too close or else ruin my imagined image.

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