The Internet and @Forsa

I started using the internet back during 56.6k modems and Yahoo was the only search engine that was available. My family eventually graduated to DSL, and I moved up from chatrooms and AIM’s to playing Counter-Strike original in LAN parties or net servers. Eventually I tried my first MMORPG of FFXI and played that for 7 years, off and on trying other MMO’s to see if anything else was interesting in the field. I kept going back to FFXI because I like the community and friends I had made. Over the years social networking starting making a surge and I made my Myspace pages and livejournals though not much of words to say for blogging I left those avenues behind and stuck with Myspace until the king of Social Networks came to the forefront and I was caught in the Facebook web. Now we as Internet saavy users are in threat of losing the open global world of the internet, like China, within the “freedom of speech” capitol of the world the Great USA. I can only hope that SOPA and its sister bill get scrapped so that I may continue to enjoy this great communication, and knowledge tool that has been given us.